Last Thoughts On The Australian Open 2017

The history of gladiatorial sport is a long and bloody one. From centuries we have enjoyed watching contestants run each other to the ground with their last breath. We have witnessed lions against Christians and warriors versus mercenaries. Much of today’s sport harks back to that tradition, with an additional slice of tribalism. By and […]

Why Are We Suddenly So Bad At Predicting the Future?

Imagine that a monkey got into the control room of the universe and spent the year clicking random buttons. Imagine him hopping about on the ‘one musician less’ button, stomping on the ‘auto-destruct’ lever and gurgling while he thumped repeatedly on the ‘introduce chaos’ switch. Close your eyes and picture him dropping a giant poo on the […]

Thank You Bob

On Dylan’s Nobel Prize There is a timeless beauty to great works of art and poetry, or sculpture, music or performance. This is why we study Wordsworth, admire Michelangelo’s David or Rembrandt’s Night Watch. But there is an urgency and an importance to art and  poetry that urges us to look at today’s questions and […]